Who We Serve

Pine Rest Behavioral Health Solutions help a wide range of medical care providers—from hospitals to physician’s groups to health plan providers—provide better, more efficient, more complete behavioral health support for your patients.

Our services always reflect the culture and affiliations of the environment in which they’re delivered and the community in which they reside. We believe that matters. We work alongside our partners, seamlessly, to provide excellent mental health service, in their name or ours, in their communities.

Learn more about how we can help medical organizations, including:

  • Inpatient medical facilities
  • Large primary-care medical groups
  • Health plan providers
  • Community mental health
  • Residential

"Half of what (primary care) doctors do is mental health work. Without integration, we won’t be able to provide support to patients with mental illness." - Wayne Katon, MD- IMPACT model co-developer

Medical Health Systems

Pine Rest Behavioral Health Solutions provide complete support in behavioral health services for hospitals and large medical inpatient treatment facilities. We consult on a wide range of behavioral health issues from obtaining accreditation to providing appropriate nursing care. Or, we can create shared or sole management arrangements that marry our strengths with yours. We can solely manage and sometimes solely own a facility’s behavioral health services. There’s no limit to the kinds and numbers of ways we support hospitals in the provision of behavioral health services.

Talk to us about:

  • Consultation on behavioral health care issues
  • Management of behavioral health services
  • Full ownership of behavioral health services

Primary/Specialty Care Groups

Pine Rest Behavioral Health Solutions help primary/specialty care medical groups develop or expand behavioral health services within their practice. We co-locate skilled mental health specialists in their facilities, consult on programs and services and financials, and help integrate behavioral health services their clients can benefit from into the general practice. We offer this support in ways that are economically advantageous and supported by health plans.

Talk to us about:

  • Providing models of psychiatric consultation to your primary care patients
  • Creative co-location of mental health specialists in your practice
  • Disease management and patient-centered medical home collaboration
  • Consultation on new or existing behavioral health services within the practice
  • Shared or complete management of the practice’s behavioral health services

Health Plan Providers

In addition to health care providers, Pine Rest Behavioral Health Solutions work with a wide range of health plans as advocates, consultants, and program developers. We design and pilot innovative services and promote strong relationships between our medical partners and health plan organizations. We’re a valuable link between providers and insurers. And we put that connection to work for our clients.

Talk to us about...

  • Creative solutions in pay-for-performance
  • Design and piloting of new services desired by health plan
  • Help promoting integration of medical and behavioral health care

For More Information

Scott Wagner, MSW, MBA
Vice President,
Behavioral Health Solutions

Please call 800/678-5500 if you are in crisis or need immediate assistance. This is our Contact Center which is staffed 24/7.


“Organizations are coming to us and saying, ‘Come alongside and consult, manage, or in some way, partner.’” -Scott Wagner, Pine Rest Vice President of Behavioral Health Solutions