Items to Bring

What to Bring

  • All current medications, or accurate list of all medications, and pharmacy phone number
  • Names and phone numbers of current physicians and behavioral health providers
  • Medical equipment and assistive devices
  • Insurance cards, including Social Security, Medicare D, and Medicaid cards
  • Legal documents:
         Driver's License/Photo ID
         Advance Directives/Behavioral Health Directives
         Custody papers
  • Guardianship or Durable Power of Attorney papers
  • 3-5 changes/sets of comfortable clothes, shoes, and personal hygiene items


What NOT to Bring

Restricted Items

Staff will discretely inspect all things that you bring in and all items that are brought in for you after your admission to ensure that it is safe for you and the others on the unit.

The following items are not allowed on the units and are considered contraband:

Aerosol cans

Alcoholic beverages, alcohol based mouth washes and pump non-aerosol hairsprays with alcohol bases

Balloons / balloon strings


Belts and cords used in clothing or as necklace

Cell phones – all types

Drugs and paraphernalia of any kind (unless specifically authorized by the attending psychiatrist)

Firearms or explosives

Glass items / including mirrors

Headsets with earphones

Jewelry with pins

Knives / scissors / metal tools

Lighters / matches

Nail clippers and metal nail files

Any item with an electrical cord

Pins of any kind

Plant add-ons, such as stakes, wires, etc.

Plastic bags

Pop cans

Razors and razor blades

Recording devices, i.e. tape recorders, cameras, video recorders

Ropes / chains / cords


Tobacco products of any kind


Weapons of any types – e.g. throwing ninja-type stars or num chucks

Wire clothes hangers


The following items can be used only with staff monitoring:

Shaving razors



Nail clippers

Hair appliances

Hair products



Other items may be restricted from your use if clinically indicated and would be part of your treatment plan.


Please send any valuables home with a family member or friend. The hospital is not responsible for things that you choose to keep with you or in your room. Be sure that you mark all items that you bring with your name. Do not bring in large quantities of items since storage space for patients is very limited. Dentures, retainers, hearing aids or eyeglasses should be kept in protective containers. Never wrap them in tissue as they might be accidentally thrown away. At the time of discharge, be sure to collect all of your things. Unclaimed items will be kept for 30 days after your discharge date and then will be discarded if unclaimed.