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Other Program Policies

Program Policies

Other Program Policies for Neuropsychology Postdoctoral Fellowship

Training Period

The fellowship will begin no sooner than August 15. The fellowship will not begin until the fellow has obtained the doctoral degree and (at minimum) the Temporary Limited License Psychologist certification in the state of Michigan.

The fellowship will last 24 months.


The fellow’s initial stipend will be $44,000/year. Once the fellow has become a fully licensed psychologist in Michigan, the stipend will increase to $52,000/year for the remainder of the fellowship.

Fellows will be eligible for Pine Rest benefits in accordance with Human Resources policies. Notably, this includes Paid Time Off (PTO—224 hours), medical insurance and dental and vision benefits.

With the approval of the Program Supervisor, fellows may use 3 days/year of training and conference time for structured programs offered outside of Pine Rest. Additionally, fellows will have leave to participate in Pine Rest’s training opportunities, such as the VanEerden Lecture Series.

Fellows will also have professional growth funds of $500/year.

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