Train At Pine Rest | Psychology Predoctoral Internship

Training Model

Training Model

Practitioner-Scholar Training Model

The Pine Rest pre-doctoral psychology internship utilizes a Practitioner-Scholar Model to emphasize the integration of clinical practice and science.

This integration is fostered during the internship through professional development seminars, case conferences, individual and group supervision, and mentoring, promoting critical thinking and stimulating intern growth.

Articles, guest speakers, and discussions are selected to help interns increase awareness of how their personal experiences and beliefs influence clinical choices.

Program Goals

Our program’s primary goal is facilitating interns in successfully transitioning from graduate student to independent practitioner. We focus on evidence-based practice that incorporates attention to diversity and individual differences, and the self-awareness of the clinician. As part of our commitment to diversity, interns are trained in assessing clients’ experiences of spirituality, and how those experiences can impact presenting problems, relationships, and culturally sensitive care.

Program Expectations

We expect interns’ work to be continuously informed by advances in science, and by an ever-developing understanding of themselves. Interns are encouraged to apply their academic knowledge and personal worldview toward problem-solving in a variety of clinical settings. Across our continuum of care, interns encounter patients who present with diverse presenting problems, backgrounds, and belief systems.

Interns are challenged to further their understanding of how their personal history and worldview impact their ability to build rapport, their choice of interventions, and their treatment outcomes. We believe that the best clinical work arises from clinicians who are self-aware, and appropriately use their personal awareness and belief system to assist their patients in making important life changes.

Program Philosophy

Our training philosophy emphasizes the need to create an environment that simultaneously nurtures and challenges interns, both as professionals and people. We encourage collaboration among training faculty and interns. We view interns as junior colleagues who are valued members of our staff.

In sum, Pine Rest strives to equip interns with the ability to integrate science, practice, and faith values, while constantly evaluating their appropriateness and effectiveness with the patients they serve.