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Program History

Program History

Program History

The Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services Pre-Doctoral Psychology Internship was developed approximately 40 years ago, with accreditation first being given in 1982*.

Pine Rest’s training program is highly sought out by prospective psychology interns across the country, with typical application to acceptance ratios of 20 to 1. Many graduates of the training program have gone on to highly productive careers within the Pine Rest family or other respected institutions throughout the country.

As there has been a transition toward postdoctoral training, we have been pleased that our graduates have been able to obtain formal post-doctoral training positions. Nonetheless, the training program has been highly successful in preparing psychologists for a variety of post-internship positions, including college and university faculty, independent practice, community counseling, university-based hospital systems, college counseling centers, and integrated health systems.

Program Graduates

2021 2020-2021 Graduate Program
2 Lauren Sparks Wayne State University
3 Amy Smith* Wheaton College
4 Luke VanderWal* Wheaton College
5 Kelsey Woolner* Rosemead/Biola University
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2021 2013-2014 Graduate Program
2 Chelsea Boska Baylor University
3 Katrina Conli Rosemead / Biola University
4 Julia Delekta University of Detroit Mercy
5 Valerie Johnson Fuller Theological Seminary
2021 2019-2020 Graduate Program
2 Shannon Drabek* Mercer University
3 Jordan Stricklen* George Fox University
4 Joshua Matlack* Regent University
5 Brooke Ruf* Rosemead/Biola University
2021 2012-2013 Graduate Program
2 Mikhila Humbad* Michigan State University
3 Kimberley Kunze* George Fox University
4 Bernice Patterson* Western Michigan University
5 Nicole Wyngarden* Northern Illinois University
2021 2018-2019 Graduate Program
2 Emily Jackson Indiana University of Pennsylvania
3 Joel Jin Fuller Theological Seminary
4 Morgan Nicholas Regent University
2021 2011-2012 Graduate Program
2 Tanisha Drummond Marywood University
3 Evonne Edwards* Rosemead/Biola University
4 Kristin Emanuael* Northwestern University
5 Rachel Jensen* Wheaton College
6 Rebecca Klott Western Michigan University
2021 2017-2018 Graduate Program
2 Emily Jackson Indiana University of Pennsylvania
3 Joel Jin Fuller Theological Seminary
4 Morgan Nicholas Regent University
2021 2018-2019 Graduate Program
2 Lesley Hetterscheidt* Wayne State University
3 Sara Lynema* Wheaton College
4 Dan Post* Wheaton College
5 Elizabeth Ward* Argosy University
6 Lesley Hetterscheidt* Wayne State University
2021 2016-2017 Graduate Program
2 Evan Buikema Wheaton College
3 Harpa Jonsdottir University of North Dakota
4 Janelle Newkirk Texas A&M University
5 Justin Sides* Regent University
2021 2009-2010 Graduate Program
2 Keith Louwerse George Fox University
3 Sera Gruszka* Ball State University
4 Selina Hill* Tennessee State University
5 Sarah Muench* Wheaton College
6 Keith Louwerse George Fox University
2021 2015-2016 Graduate Program
2 Casilda Maxwell* Howard University
3 Beatriz Medina Illinois School of Professional Psychology/Argosy
4 Lisa Meyer University of West Virignia
5 Matthew Varnell Fuller Theological Seminary
2021 2008-2009 Graduate Program
2 Emily Cree Fuller Theological Seminary
3 Audrey Nauta Roosevelt University
4 Denise Olson Wheaton College
5 Lindsey Root* University of Miami
6 Emily Cree Fuller Theological Seminary
2021 2014-2015 Graduate Program
2 Alissa Banyasz University of Akron
3 Brittany Johnson* Rosemead/Biola University
4 Diana Ro* Fuller Theological Seminary
5 Garrett Weatherhead Western Michigan University
2021 2007-2008 Graduate Program
2 Karen Cleveland* Fuller Theological Seminary
3 Steven Runner* Wheaton College
4 Nicole Ware Spencer* Argosy University-Illinois

*Indicates employment with Pine Rest upon completion of internship.

Questions related to the program’s accredited status can be directed to:


The Commission on Accreditation:

Office of Program Consultation and Accreditation
American Psychological Association
750 1st Street, NE, Washington, DC 20002
Phone: (202) 336-5979 / E-mail: