Dealing With Tragedy

Mental health, tragedy, terrorism, terrorist attack, disaster, trauma, accident, attack, bombing, shooting, assault, rape, violence, hurricane, flood, tornado, fire, wildfire, 9/11, Boston Marathon, Newtown, Tucson, Grand Rapids, Aurora, victim, witness, anxiety, anger, denial, depression post traumatic stress disorder, PTSD, stressWhen terrorism, disaster or any traumatic incident occurs, we struggle to make sense of what happened. Although there may not have visible signs of injury, it is common for people who have experienced or witnessed one of these events to have very strong emotional reactions.  And as parents, we worry what this means for children.

We have collected the following links to help provide you with the resources when you or a loved one may be dealing with tragedy.

Articles & Blogs

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Building Resilience: The Ability to Adapt Well to Unexpected Changes and Events


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