Tory Seif, PhD, Licensed Psychologist

Having grown up within the church, I consider myself blessed to have been introduced to Christ very early in life.  In my early twenties, following a series of challenges and trials, I experienced a greater realization of my need for God, and a subsequent spiritual re-awakening.  This rededication was accompanied by both an on-going pursuit for increasing closeness with The Lord, and a strong desire to serve. 

As part of my service, The Lord has called me to provide therapy to hurting individuals, couples, and families experiencing their own trials and struggles.  I have found that change is often at the heart of these struggles.  Sometimes this change is something we are reacting to, and sometimes it is something we are trying to create. 

As a Christian psychologist, I believe that many biological, psychological, emotional, social, and spiritual factors contribute to both problems and healing.  While trained from a cognitive-behavioral perspective, most courses of therapy I’m involved with encompass several skills, approaches, and techniques; the unifying undercurrent of which is grounding in Biblical truths.  I view my role in the therapy process as that of a servant and partner to the healing power of the Holy Spirit. 

Sometimes spiritual issues and matters of faith need to be directly addressed and discussed during sessions, and at other times they may simply, almost silently, influence one’s healing.  It is my desire to help you grow by listening to you, encouraging you, and challenging you.

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Tory can be reached at the Campus Clinic of Pine Rest by calling (616) 455-5270.