TMS Clinic

Welcome to Pine Rest TMS Clinic

The TMS Clinic at Pine Rest provides patients in the Grand Rapids area the latest in depression treatments. We are pleased to be able to offer TMS Therapy to our patients. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Therapy is one of the most technologically advanced depression treatments available. This non-invasive, outpatient therapy is FDA-cleared and has helped thousands of depression patients who have not received adequate results from antidepressants.

At Pine Rest, receiving treatment is convenient, and our staff of skilled and experienced psychiatrists and nursing staff insure that you feel comfortable during your visit and receive the best possible care. Treatments are given under a psychiatrist's supervision while you remain awake and alert. Since no anesthesia is used, you may drive yourself to and from your appointments.

Is TMS right for you?
For more information, to schedule an appointment or to make a referral, call 616.281.6341.