Telepsychiatry Services

Pine Rest is committed to providing a real time, high quality video and audio interaction through a video monitor between the psychiatrist and the patient. Patients and their specialist are able to talk back and forth easily and cover the same information as they would if located in the same room. Often, after a short time, a good telepsychiatric connection results in "forgetting" the persons involved are not physically in the same room.

BHS provides telepsychiatry several ways:

  • Share a Pine Rest site-based psychiatrist
  • Highly qualified psychiatrists located in other parts of the U.S.
  • Bring psychiatric care from psychiatrists located in other parts of U.S. to Pine Rest sites
  • Internally share Pine Rest site-based psychiatrist services between Pine Rest sites

Reimbursement for Telepsychiatry

Reimbursement for telemedicine and telepsychiatry is not yet as expansive as for payment for inperson care, but it is growing rapidly. Medicare and Medicaid pay when certain conditions are met.

Assistance with Regulations

Pine Rest can assist your organization in understanding how to meet various regulations that apply to telepsychiatry. HIPAA, consents for care and meeting the special circumstances of inpatient, outpatients, or other kinds of settings is crucial for a successful encounter and program for patients.

Screening & Credentialing of Telepsychiatrists

Pine Rest will interview, screen and require rigorous credentialing standards be met to provide telepsychiatry for Pine Rest or your organization. Telepsychiatry works well for many interested psychiatrists, but we screen out those we do not believe have adequate credentials, would not effectively join our/your clinical teams or may not fit a telepsychiatric practice setting.

Telepsychiatry & Your Organization

We are in a constant "matching" process to pair up recruited telepsychiatrists with the culture, patient needs and volume needs of your organization. We work hard on a daily basis to get to know and recruit psychiatrists nationwide. We also take time to understand your needs while making an excellent match for your organization, your patients and the psychiatrist.

Our emphasis is on flexibility and reducing the burdens of implementation.

We are familiar with many choices in the use of telepsychiatric software and hardware, and we will recommend high quality, but low cost options. We will work with your current information systems structure, small or extensive, to make economical and cost conscious choices.

We can contract with your organization, psychiatric providers and recommend equipment vendors to minimize your effort and expense in providing psychiatric care.

For More Information

Scott Wagner, MSW, MBA
Vice President,
Behavioral Health Solutions

Please call 800/678-5500 if you are in crisis or need immediate assistance. This is our Contact Center which is staffed 24/7.


“Organizations are coming to us and saying, ‘Come alongside and consult, manage, or in some way, partner.’” -Scott Wagner, Pine Rest Vice President of Behavioral Health Solutions