Administration/Teaching | 8 weeks

This rotation provides an opportunity to learn to evaluate and treat adults with major mental illness and co-morbid medical and substance abuse conditions in the adult inpatient unit. Additionally, residents will learn how to teach and supervise first year residents.

Forensic Psychiatry | 4 weeks

Residents will have an opportunity to work with a board certified forensic psychiatrist to conduct forensic evaluations and gain experience writing forensic psychiatry reports. Areas of assessment include competency to stand trial, criminal responsibility, commitment, and assessments of potential harm to themselves.

Electro-convulsive Therapy (ECT)/Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) | 4 weeks

Residents will gain experience in one of the busiest ECT clinics in West Michigan. Under the supervision of four ECT credentialed psychiatrists, residents will perform consultation to provide second opinions regarding the necessity for ECT treatment, observe ECT and perform ECT treatments. TMS treatment is also provided in this clinic.

Electives | 36 weeks

Residents will have an opportunity to rotate through any of the above rotations to gain additional knowledge and experience. Additional electives will be developed in women’s health, and sports medicine.