Contraband Items

Staff will discretely inspect all things that you bring in and all items that are brought in for you after your admission to ensure that it is safe for you and the others on the unit.

To protect the safety of our patients and staff, the following items are prohibited and are considered contraband. They may not be brought onto any unit by patients or visitors at any time. Additional items may be deemed as contraband at the discretion of the interdisciplinary treatment team. All packages will be checked by staff.

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Any food or beverage items from outside the hospital
  • Balloons or balloon strings
  • Batteries or items containing batteries
  • Cameras or recording devices of any type
  • Cell phones, pages or any other personal communication device
  • Clothing and other items that display satanic, sexually explicit, gang or drug related images, etc.
  • Clothing with removable straps; steel toe boots/shoes; shoes with heels
  • Drugs (including alcohol) or drug paraphernalia of any kind unless it’s medication specifically authorized by the attending psychiatrist
  • Electronics brought from home, such as computers, tablets, personal gaming devices or personal music players
  • Firearms or explosives
  • Jewelry except wedding bands
  • Knives, scissors or metal tools
  • Lighters, matches or any item that us used to start fire
  • Plastic bags
  • Pop cans
  • Publications, objects or images that are overtly racist, sexist or threatening to others
  • Ropes, belts, chains or cords
  • Safety pins, tacks or needles of any type
  • Sexually revealing clothing
  • Clothing and other items that display sexually explicit, gang or drug related images, etc.
  • Smoking products, including e-cigarettes or similar items
  • Tobacco products of any type
  • Weapons of any types including any instrument that could be used to cause bodily harm or injury
  • Wires, for example, used to hold cards, bows with plants or hangers

Any and all harm brought to any person related to contraband brought in by a visitor will be the sole responsibility of the person who brought it in and will be held responsible and prosecuted.

Restricted Items

Any belonging or item that could be used to cause harm to self, others or creates a disruption to the therapeutic environment is restricted.

The following items will not remain in the possession of the patient, but may be made available to patients on a limited basis and only under the supervision of staff:

  • Aerosols
  • Alcohol based mouth washes or any other personal care products with an alcohol base
  • Shoelaces, scarves and ties
  • CDs, DVDs, tapes
  • Earphones and headsets
  • Electronics with batteries or cords
  • Glass, mirrors
  • Boots, hats and caps
  • Items with electrical cords
  • Knitting or crochet supplies
  • Medication of any type
  • Pens, pencils
  • Personal care products, including such items as: facial supplies, makeup, lotions, shampoos, cleansers, shaving supplies, nail care products, mouthwash, hair supplies and product
  • Purses and wallets
  • Walking canes, walkers, crutches (a wheelchair will be provided if necessary)

Other items may be restricted from your use if clinically indicated and would be part of your treatment plan.


Please send any valuables home with a family member or friend. The hospital is not responsible for things that you choose to keep with you or in your room. Be sure that you mark all items that you bring with your name.

Unclaimed Items

At the time of discharge, be sure to collect all of your things. Unclaimed items will be kept for 30 days after your discharge date and then will be discarded if unclaimed.