Inpatient & Partial Hospitalization

Pine Rest’s two inpatient settings including a 36-bed child and adolescent unit and the 26 bed adolescent and young-adult unit as well as child and adolescent partial hospitalization programs at the Van Andel Center are available for these rotations. This will help to provide fellows with the context for the continuum of care between these services.

Consult Liaison, Pediatric Neurology & Sleep Medicine

Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital will be the site for these rotations. Fellows will receive excellent exposure and experience working with medically complicated children and they will also build a solid foundation in neurology.

Substance Use Disorders

The Wedgwood Christian Services Adolescent Substance Use Disorder Residential Unit is the site for this rotation. Fellows will work directly with teens focusing on treating co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders under guided supervision.

Outpatient Medication Management & Psychotherapy

The Loeks Psychiatry Residency Center is the site for the outpatient rotation. Fellows will work in these outpatient continuity clinics that commence the first year of fellowship and continue throughout their two year training period. Fellows will have direct supervision available by an attending psychiatrist in our state-of-the art clinic that uses video recording software. They will also receive weekly psychotherapy focused supervision in addition to didactic psychotherapy courses.

Neuropsychological Testing Including Developmental Disabilities

Fellows will rotate through the Pine Rest Psychological Consultation Center where they will observe and participate in evaluations on a variety of cases for both developmental disabilities including Autism Spectrum Disorder assessments and other mental health symptom concerns such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Fellows will directly observe and participate in both assessment and feedback sessions for patients and their families.

Crisis & Acute Psychiatric Management

Fellows will gain firsthand experience managing the acute patient needs of our community mental health system at Network 180. They will develop their skills in urgent psychiatric care management and also participate in the Children’s Crisis Response team who provides both phone and mobile services to patients in crisis.

Observation of Typically Developing Children

Fellows will be engaging in experiences that allow them to observe children in either school or play based environments. They will also partner with pediatricians from We Are For Children practices to observe well child visit appointments.

Scholarly Activity Time

Fellows will receive protected time dedicated to a scholarly activity project chosen by the fellow.