StreetReach Spotlight: “Helping the Homeless Through a Pandemic”

StreetReach Spotlight: “Helping the Homeless Through a Pandemic”

February 25, 2021

Pine Rest clinician Bryan Holt, MSW, was recently interviewed as part of a story by Verified News Network on the many different ways organizations serving the homeless in West Michigan have assisted individuals at risk during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“COVID made us think outside the box on some things,” says Holt, who mentions using drone flyovers as one of the new ways his team has used to locate and assist individuals living in wooded areas.

Holt is PATH Outreach Supervisor for Pine Rest StreetReach. The program assists individuals in navigating through various mental health, social, housing, legal and health care service providers to find resources, aid and benefits.

“Homelessness is real,” says Holt. “Homelessness is not going anywhere, and homelessness needs to be addressed.”

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