Shannon Thompson, LMSW, CAAC

I have had the privilege to work at Pine Rest since 2002.  This experience has been very fulfilling, personally and professionally.  Here at Pine Rest, I have been able to work with people “where they are”.  Meaning that if someone wants to discuss faith issues I have been able to talk freely about Jesus Christ and encourage people in a way that was limited at other facilities.  It also means that if someone does not want to discuss faith issues, I can respect this and work with them at the level that they are comfortable. 

As a Christian, I have come to rely on God’s word for my encouragement. My hope and prayer is that with God’s strength, I can encourage those who come to me in pain.  I have always felt that my work as a therapist is not just a job but a calling.  And I am grateful to have the opportunity to touch the lives of others.

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Shannon can be reached at the Kalamazoo Clinic of Pine Rest by calling (269) 343-6700.