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Parenting: Nurtured Heart Approach

Parenting: Nurtured Heart Approach

Parenting can be the most difficult, but potentially most rewarding challenge a person can take on. Often, our own parenting experiences may not prepare us to be the kind of parent we wish to be.

The Nurtured Heart Approach (NHA ®) is a parenting methodology for building appreciative, uplifting relationships between adults and children.

All Nurtured Heart Approach sessions are led by NHA Advanced Trainer, Dr. William Rowell, a clinical psychologist at Pine Rest. Dr. Rowell has been facilitating parenting classes using NHA since 2010. His in-depth teachings have made a difference in the lives of many families.

Pine Rest offers The Nurtured Heart Approach class series four times per year. The series consists of six classes total. Please call 616.222.3700 for more information.

Current NHA Class Flyer


“Being a single mom has been tough regarding parenting teens alone. NHA helped me with the tools to help my home be more peaceful and my children feel better about themselves.”

“In two weeks’ time we saw changes in our intense daughter’s heart, which has changed our whole family.”

“Before [NHA], our house was very disrupted … out of control. We’ve since done a 180 degrees and are noticing the greatness of our family.”

“When I allowed the message to speak to my heart, I finally realized the impact it can have as my wife and I team up together.”


For more information on The Nurtured Heart Approach to Parenting, please call 616.222.3700.

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