Medication Education Group for Women Planning Pregnancy

Medication Education Group for Women Planning Pregnancy


Are you on medications for depression, anxiety or another mental health condition and thinking about getting pregnant?

Many moms stop taking their psychiatric medications when they find out they are pregnant. For many women, this leads to overwhelming symptoms. This is not the only option.

Dr. Madhavi Nagalla, psychiatrist at Pine Rest’s Mother and Baby Program will help attendees weigh the risks and benefits of taking psychiatric medications during pregnancy.

Who is the group for?

Women who take psychiatric medications and are pregnant or planning pregnancy, and their partners. Young children of participants are welcome.


Pine Rest offers Medication Education Group for Women Planning Pregnancy, a one-time class, several times throughout the year.


The class is FREE to all attendees!


Medication Education flyer


If you have questions or need assistance enrolling, please call 616.258.7509.