Developmental Disabilities

Outpatient Services for Developmental Disabilities

People with developmental disabilities are much more vulnerable to developing mental health problems. Accessing quality mental health services can be a challenge for individuals and families. To address this need, Pine Rest offers a wide array of outpatient mental health services to people of all ages who have developmental disabilities. Professionals specializing in the mental health aspects of developmental disabilities are committed to working with individuals and families to enhance quality of life and help individuals with developmental disabilities function optimally in the community.


Psychologists provide comprehensive assessment of developmental disabilities, mental health and behavioral disorders, aging issues and neuropsychological problems that may affect a person’s functioning. Evaluations are conducted from a “whole person” perspective and evaluate many aspects of individual’s functioning including unique abilities, mental health and behavioral problems, individual strengths and weaknesses, personality variables, relationship and family issues, as well as any physical, environmental, or neuropsychological factors affecting the person.


Mental health professionals specializing in developmental disabilities also provide a variety of treatment for mental health and behavioral problems. The goal is to enhance quality of life, maximize individual’s potentials, reduce mental health and behavioral problems, teach new skills to optimize functioning, and improve relationships.

Individual therapy is tailored to the individual’s needs and abilities and can range from traditional “talk” therapy to more creative approaches utilizing art, music, role-playing and movement.

Family therapy can include parent education, assistance in implementing effective teaching and management approaches, developing optimal environments for children with developmental disabilities, working with education and mental health systems, planning for the future, family relationships as well as any other family dynamics that may be present.

A variety of group therapies are available in areas such as social functioning, anger management, coping skills, understanding and communicating feelings, developing a positive sense of self, and living with a developmental disability.

Pine Rest is committed to providing mental health services that place people’s value at the center of treatment, recognize the individual’s uniqueness, and empowering people to have control and find meaning.

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