Support Coordination for Persons with Developmental Disabilities

Supports Coordination for Persons with Developmental Disabilities

Woman on wheelchair and her co-worker

Pine Rest provides highly trained and compassionate professionals to assist in person-centered planning for individuals with developmental disabilities. We provide year-round planning and the ability to customize an array of services to allow individuals to have as much control in their lives as possible.

We provide Enhanced Health Care—including nursing and health assessments as well as psychological and psychiatric treatment. Additionally, we provide referrals for other enhanced healthcare services such as dietary assessments, physical and occupational therapy services.

Our “Culture of Gentleness” trained staff uses proactive teaching methods and understands the role of developmental, psychiatric and cultural factors.


  • Advocating for clinically appropriate services
  • Person-centered planning
  • Self-determination
  • Representative payee
  • Benefits consultation including assistance with DHS benefits acquisition
  • Coordination of services with medical and other providers
  • Monitoring of progress and services
  • Assessments
  • Quality Management

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