Partial Hospitalization (Day Program)

Our partial hospitalization (day) program is for those whose recovery is complicated by continuing physical and/or emotional issues that need stabilization and daily monitoring, yet they have the ability and support sufficient to return home in the evening.

For patients with transportation issues or living out of the area, the program does have the abilty to house patients overnight for a small charge.

Patients may be directly admitted to or transferred to this program from any level of care in our continuum. The services are provided in the same facilities as our short-term residential program and our outpatient clinic. This allows for continuity of care for those patients who no longer need detoxification or short-term residential services, but could greatly benefit from an extended stay in a program that offers daily monitoring and counseling. Services are provided 7 days per week.

For more details about this level of care or any other addiction service in our continuum, please call 866.852.4001.