What’s Stressing Us Out?

What's stressing us out

Politics, international threats, personal safety, health, work, personal finances and the economy are leading sources of stress for Americans today according to the American Psychological Association. And though what causes the most stress for us personally varies, one thing is clear – we appear to be more stressed out than ever before.

Digital technology and the pressure to constantly check electronic devices is another leading source of stress. Smartphones, social media and other digital forms of communication, while offering convenience and entertainment, also feed into a need for many of us to stay connected at all times. These modern conveniences have breached the wall between work and personal time and at times seem to prioritize online interactions with strangers over human-to-human connections with our loved ones who are in the same room with us.

According to a recent Stress In America™ study, “Almost two-thirds of Americans (65 percent) somewhat or strongly agree that periodically “unplugging” or taking a “digital detox” is important for their mental health. However, only 28 percent of those who say this actually report doing so.”

Parents struggle to balance their children’s use of digital technology while trying to manage their own dependence on these devices. Many feel their family bonds are threatened by their child’s overuse of technology and are concerned about the influence of social media on their child’s physical and mental health.

SOURCE: Stress in America™ Report, American Psychological Association (

Whether your stress is caused by work, money, health issues, the latest text alert or all of the above, the good news is that there are many different healthy options for alleviating your stress and bringing a sense of balance back to your busy life!