Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease

Pine Rest Services for Dementia

pine rest services for dementia

Outpatient Services

Providing assessment, diagnosis and treatment for the often complicated cognitive and behavioral health concerns faced by seniors. The clinical staff is Medicare-approved and has experience working with seniors and their families.

Services include:

  • Outpatient individual, group and family therapy
  • Psychiatric, diagnostic and medication consultation
  • Neuropsychological evaluations, including diagnostic assessment and treatment recommendations for memory problems and other neurocognitive disorders
  • Consultation regarding ways to make use of community support agencies and services to seniors (e.g. nursing homes, assisted living facilities, home health services, respite care)

Referrals can be made via fax, phone or through Great Lakes Health Connect. For a copy of the referral form, call or visit

Outpatient Services Referrals

Fax: 877.242.6963

Phone: 866.852.4001

Great Lakes Health Connect

Effective June 30th, 2021 Great Lakes Health Connect (GLHC) became fully integrated into MiHIN. 

Elderly Case Management

Provides services for people ages 65+ diagnosed with severe and persistent mental illness as well as older adults who are medically fragile and living at home independently, or in settings of support such as living with relatives or in an adult foster care home. Case managers assist with addressing chronic mental health issues as well as the ever changing clinical picture created by medical complications and/or the aging process, coordinate referrals for health and dental services, housing, transportation, financial assistance, employment, social services and other necessary supports. The program also includes a psychiatric physician assistant, a nurse and peer supports.

Elderly Case Management Referrals


Older Adult Inpatient Unit

The state-of-the-art unit includes a number of private rooms and enhanced programming, including groups and classes focusing on older adults with dementia. Activities are designed to facilitate expression through movement, use of the five senses, and reminiscence. The goal is to stabilize the individual’s symptoms.

Older Adult Inpatient Unit Referrals

616.455.9200 or 800.678.5500