Substance Use Disorder / Addiction

There are more deaths, illness, and disabilities due to alcohol and drug use than any other preventable health condition. Nearly one in four deaths can be attributed to alcohol, tobacco, or illicit drug use, and substance use disorder is linked to a variety of health problems including cancer, cardiovascular disease, cirrhosis, dementia, depression, gout, infectious diseases, pancreatitis and seizures.

Substance use is also linked to poorer performance on the job or at school, difficulty in keeping a job and relationship problems. As usage increases, so does the likelihood of being involved in a traffic or workplace accident, legal and financial troubles, violence, crime and homelessness.

One in four Americans will have an alcohol or other drug problem at some point in their lives.

The number of persons with a substance use disorder in the United States holds steady at about 15 to 20 million. In 2012, an estimated 20.7 million American adults needed treatment for substance use, and among those, 40.7% (or 8.4 million) had a co-occurring mental illness. (SAMHSA)


We’ve gathered the following information, tips, videos and resources to help you learn more about substance use disorder and addiction, and find the support and care that you or loved one needs.

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    Addiction is a disease. Recovery is a process of spiritual and emotional growth that begins with acquiring abstinence and regaining physical health. It continues with rebuilding a life of mutually trusting relationships with family, friends and community. Recovery always begins...

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Pine Rest Services for Substance Use Disorder

Pine Rest offers a full continuum of services that range from residential detoxification to traditional outpatient services. Learn More.