PMAD Video Series

Video Tips for New and Expecting Parents!

A happy time filled with excitement and joy … That’s what most parents expect when they’re having a baby. However, for many, this is simply not the case. Postpartum Depression and other Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders (PMAD) can create feelings of sadness, anxiety, frustration, scary thoughts, guilt and more.

The good news is that PMADs are highly treatable and you can fully recover. And if you are at risk for developing a PMAD, you CAN reduce your risk.

Our video series below provides information on how to reduce your risk, helps you understand how PMAD differs from ‘Baby Blues’, offers ideas for how to talk to your kids about why you aren’t acting the way you usually do is, and much more.



Video 1: Reducing Your Risk for PMAD

Video 2: Baby Blues or Something More Serious?

Video 3: Surprising Symptoms of PMAD

Video 4: When Dads are Depressed

Video 5: Ten Tricks to Make Mom Life Easier

Video 6: Exercises for Mom & Baby

Video 7: Ten MORE Tricks to Make Mom Life Easier

Video 8: What NOT to Say to a New Mom

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