Why I chose Pine Rest: Pine Rest was one of my first residency interviews, and it quickly became the benchmark of what I was looking for in a Psychiatry residency. I knew Pine Rest was the place for me, because as I continued down the interview trail, I found myself comparing all other programs to Pine Rest! Pine Rest is truly a one-of-a-kind integrated mental health campus. You’ll be hard-pressed to find people who are more passionate about patient advocacy and evidence-based practice than the staff at Pine Rest. As a new resident, I feel supported and valued as a member of the team and am so grateful to be learning from some of the best this field has to offer.

Other Interests: A great perk of being a resident at Pine Rest is that we have the time to enjoy life outside of work. My hobbies include traveling, live music, karaoke, eating at all the restaurants, and socializing with all the people. I also enjoy setting off the fire alarm while cooking, hiking, audiobooks, and a good horror film marathon.

Professional or Clinical Interests: I have yet to decide what area of Psychiatry I am most passionate about, but my academic interests include inpatient psychiatry, ECT, psychedelic psychiatry, and addiction.