Why I chose Pine RestI chose Pine Rest based on the camaraderie that was exhibited not only between co-residents, but also between residents and attendings, as well as between fellow attendings. I remember on my interview day at lunch I sat with residents, attendings and administration and all shared in conversation and genuinely enjoyed themselves. Now that I am here I can attest to the community that you become a part of when you join the Pine Rest residency, and I have gotten the honor of working with great attendings and other residents who I continuously learn from, but have also made amazing friends. Aside from the sense of community, some of the nicest facilities that I have seen in any hospital or any department made the choice easy as well.

Other Interests:I spend my free time with friends trying out new (or old favorite) restaurants in downtown Grand Rapids, playing in our weekly flag football and kickball leagues, or having people over to watch the latest episode of The Bachelor.

Clinical Interests:Women’s Mental Health including peri-partum mood disorders and psychosis, PMDD, and peri-menopausal mood changes.