Why I chose Pine Rest: On my interview day, I was impressed by how Pine Rest gave applicants a feel for the program despite interviews being virtual. I could picture myself on the beautiful campus, working in the wide range of units, and learning from the faculty and residents. As I looked back over my interview season, I realized that Pine Rest had set the standard to which I was comparing all of the other programs. I am so excited to learn and train among people who are passionate about providing the best patient care possible while maintaining a positive and supportive work environment.

Hobbies/Interests: Outside of work, I love traveling, kayaking, hiking and walking with my dog. I also love to cook (Beef Wellington & Shrimp Risotto are two of my favorites) bake, and get wrapped up in a good audiobook, podcast, or show.

Professional or Clinical Interests: I am interested in College Mental Health and Child & Adolescent Psychiatry.