Why I chose Pine Rest: Its basic philosophy of treating patients as human beings first resonates with how I want to practice medicine. It quickly became apparent that while the faculty at Pine Rest are experts in their field, they are also passionate educators that will help me become a great psychiatrist who is also a caring, compassionate, and ethical physician! Additionally, as an older, non-traditional resident who is married with two children, I appreciate the work-life balance that is clearly evident in this program. Finally, the Grand Rapids area has great schools, many job opportunities for my wife, and a variety of family-friendly activities that will allow my entire family to be happy, while also escaping the horrendously hot Texas summers (yes, I’m prepared for the snow).

Other Interests: I thoroughly enjoy nature, camping, backpacking and have completed large sections of the Appalachian Trail, with hopes of one day doing a thru-hike. As a transplant, I’m excited to travel the west coast of Michigan and spend time exploring the UP! I also enjoy watching and playing just about any sport, but thoroughly enjoy running and playing ice hockey which I have played since childhood. If it’s a weekend, you will often find me at a track, ice rink, or soccer field cheering on my kids.


Graduate: George Mason University, M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction; Liberty University, Ed.S. in Curriculum & Instruction.