Residential Services

Adult Psychiatric Residential Short Term (Grand Rapids & Kalamazoo)

Adult PSYCHIATRIC residential short term

Crisis residential services for adults diagnosed with mental illness.

Specialized residential treatment programs utilizing an active recovery-based treatment model with a focus on understanding the illness, medication management and community adjustment skills.

Designed to provide a short-term alternative to inpatient psychiatric services for individuals experiencing an acute psychiatric crisis and co-occurring disorders.

Although the length of stay will vary depending on the severity of the illness, it is anticipated that length of stay will vary between 3 – 14 days.

Provided by highly skilled staff, including 24 hour access to psychiatry, nursing and clinical lead, offering patients the opportunity to continue personal growth and development at various stages of recovery.


Grand Rapids – Beechwood

Kalamazoo – CenterPointe Recovery Center

For referral or access to services, call 616.455.9200.