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Women’s Health Certificate

Women's Health Certificate


The purpose of the Women’s Mental Health Certificate is to recognize the additional education of individuals who complete required components related to issues of women’s mental health. Women’s mental health can be broken down into five components, including the perinatal period, perimenopause, infertility, eating disorders, and issues related to abuse and trafficking.


Any Pine Rest resident can complete this certificate, so long as they complete all components of the certificate. Certificate can be applied for proactively, or retroactively, so long as application (completion of checklist) is completed at least two months prior to graduation from Residency program.

If a resident is interested in the certificate, the GME department does request a letter of intent (no more than one page long) be sent to Program Director (Dr. Nykamp), Associate Program Directors (Dr. Lyon, Dr. Evans), GME Manager (Lisa Hearns), and Program Administrator (Tom Worm) to be prioritized for elective scheduling pertaining to WMH rotations.

Certificate Components

Residents must complete either an elective rotation (Section 2), or a scholarly activity (Section 3) in each of the following areas of Women’s Mental Health: (1) Perimenopause, (2) Perinatal, (3) Infertility; and must complete at least one scholarly activity and one elective rotation toward this certificate.

For example, a resident may complete elective rotations in perimenopause and perinatal, and a scholarly activity on infertility; or may complete an elective rotation in perinatal and scholarly activities in infertility and menopause, etc.

A Women’s Mental Health Certificate Checklist PDF document is available here.

Resident must complete all modules in the National Curriculum in Reproductive Psychiatry (45 hours in total), including the 5 hours essentials course.

a. Must have completed at least one (required) rotation on the Mother and Baby Unit as well as:

b. Must have participated in at least one more elective rotation that addresses perimenopausal, perinatal, or infertility issues. Some ideas include:

  • Pine Rest Mother and Baby Unit (no more than two may count toward this certificate) -or-
  • NICU –or-
  • OBGYN –or-
  • Reproductive Endocrinology –or-
  • Longitudinal outpatient clinic experience with women’s health clinic.
  • Other options may be considered, but should be presented, with rationale, to GME department for consideration prior to submission for inclusion

a. The scholarly pursuit requirement for this certificate can be fulfilled by one of the following:

  1. Present a poster on a women’s mental health topic at a professional meeting
    • The presentation can be a case report, literature review, etc.
  2. Oral presentation at a local, regional, state, or national meeting (i.e., Pearls for Primary Care at Pine Rest; Grand Rounds; community group presentation; external stakeholder presentation).
  3. Submit a manuscript on a women’s mental health topic to a peer-reviewed journal with the goal of publication but not a requirement.
  4. Publication of a book chapter related to women’s mental health.
  5. Demonstrable, significant contribution to a research manuscript on a topic related to women’s mental health.
  6. NCRP Fellowship.
  7. Other activity as approved by faculty mentor for the Women’s Health Certificate.

b. The scholarly activity required for graduation may not be double counted to be used toward completion of certificate required scholarly activity. Thus, residents must complete a minimum of two scholarly projects (one for graduation, one for certificate).

a. Residents engaged in the certificate program are encouraged to meet for an hour quarterly with the faculty mentor for the program, who may provide guidance on activities that are eligible to be considered working toward issues of women’s mental health.

  • This time will be organized by the GME department and sent out via Outlook invite. Those engaged in the certificate should communicate with the GME department regarding any time away from rotation for this meeting.

b. Each resident is encouraged to maintain registration and engagement with national organizations with a focus on Women’s Mental Health (e.g., Marcé Society, NASPOG, NAMS, OSSD, AWP, PSI, Pine Rest Women’s Health Interest Group).

c. Progress toward achievement of checklist can be completed with 1:1 supervisor (who will need guidance from resident) and/or with the Women’s Health Interest Group.

d. GME may seek clarification from resident in order to ensure scholarly activity meets requirements as outlined above.