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Addiction Fellowship

Addiction Fellowship

Our program, with its unparalleled access to a wide range of patients, offers the highest quality of training that produces forward-thinking leaders in the field of Addiction Psychiatry. The Pine Rest Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship offers a one-year fully immersive clinical training program for psychiatrists to become experts in diagnosing and caring for people with substance use disorders.

Welcome from Dr. Talal Khan, Director of the Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship

Greetings and a warm welcome to all interested candidates in the Pine Rest Addiction Fellowship Program, located in beautiful Grand Rapids, Michigan. We are looking for enthusiastic, dedicated, compassionate individuals, who wish to become experts in the field of Addiction

Why Addiction Psychiatry is the Field for You

There is a high prevalence of addictive disorders and there is an increasing proportion of all psychiatric patients that struggle with co-morbid disorders. The odds are that half the patients you encounter in a psychiatric setting need help with some substance use disorder.

Regardless of their expertise, all psychiatrists are treating people with addiction disorders. The importance of doing this correctly can be lifesaving. The Addiction Psychiatrist is more effective and successful in the treatment of this population, which has very few opportunities to heal in their lifetime.

The correct and timely treatment of addiction improves the quality and life expectancy for the client, and the impact goes far beyond.  The difference this makes to the family, the neighborhood, and society as a whole is immeasurable.

The skills acquired at this training program will equip you to be able to identify, motivate and treat patients that often don’t get the help they need for their chronic disease.


Talal Khan, MD
Program Director, Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship


To train compassionate Addiction Psychiatry experts who will provide person-centered care, champion the needs of patients and challenge the stigma surrounding addiction.


To be a dynamic, comprehensive training program that inspires expert leaders in Addiction Psychiatry dedicated to equitable, life-saving care that restores patient dignity and fosters self-empowerment.

Through our program, fellows will be fully trained in techniques required in the treatment of patients with substance-related and comorbid psychiatric disorders. This fellowship program is fully accredited as a one-year program for residents entering in their fifth year of post-graduate training after completion of a General Psychiatry Residency Program.

The Pine Rest Addiction Psychiatry treatment facility and its partner sites will provide clinical training in the full continuum of care including inpatient, drug and alcohol detox, residential, partial hospitalization, outpatient programs, co-occurring treatment, addiction consulting service, Mary Free Bed Pain Rehabilitation. and medication assisted treatment settings. Fellows will learn to work with and lead multidisciplinary teams in most of these sites. Didactic training will occur through participation in a weekly seminar series, attending Grand Rounds, and one on one therapist and physician supervision.

The successful completion of this ACGME accredited program will qualify these psychiatrists to be well prepared to sit for the subspecialty certification from ABPN (American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology) and not only function independently, but excel in practice as an addiction psychiatrist.

Program Description

The goals of the program are to provide the Addiction Fellow with the knowledge to develop the skills and competencies needed to:

  • Understand the science and emotion behind the distress of the addiction patient.
  • Appreciate and learn the art of caring for patients to relieve their suffering.
  • Know and practice the evidence based Behavioral and Pharmacological interventions.
  • Confidently embrace the professional responsibilities towards their patients, their families, the community and society.
  • Sharpen interpersonal communication skills to be more effective with patients, their families and others caring for the patient.
  • Utilize resources in the system effectively, and advocate for improvement in the system of care.
  • Value the impact that can be made with collaborative work with colleagues and other professionals in the medical field.
  • Begin the journey of lifelong learning and self-improvement as an Addiction Psychiatrist and a compassionate healer.
  • Be a leader furthering the field of addiction psychiatry.
  • Attaining a personal, spiritual and professional balance.



Regular weekly Lecture series will be provided by experts in the fields to encompass the training required to deal with common and challenging issues in addiction. Teaching will primarily focus on addiction medicine, addiction psychiatry and psychotherapy and will also introduce the fellows to the acceptable alternative and behavioral treatments available in the community.

Supervision and Mentorship

Each fellow will have the perfect balance of direct and indirect supervision and individual discussion with assigned addiction psychiatrists, therapists and experts in the field, to nurture the confidence of these early practitioners.

Research/Scholarship Opportunity

Pine Rest’s research team of experts will be available to facilitate the recommended research or scholarly project that the fellows are interested in pursuing.

Teaching opportunity

Fellows will be part of the addiction curriculum for the PGY 1 psychiatry residents and the medical students rotating through the service. They will also have opportunities to deliver lectures on different topics of interest in the community, at family medicine practices, PA training programs, and internal medicine residencies in the area.

Fellows will be caring for the full spectrum of the patient population which exists in Michigan and includes people from diverse socioeconomic, racial, religious and cultural backgrounds. A majority of the treatment population age will be adult and geriatric. Fellows will also be taking care of adolescents in the specialized units and programs. At the end of the training year, the Addiction Psychiatry Fellow will be well-prepared to sit for the specialty board examination, function independently and to enter practice without supervision as an addiction psychiatrist.

Our hope is to train our fellows so that they enjoy a successful and meaningful career.


Redwood Unit – Dual Diagnosis Inpatient Unit

A psychiatric inpatient hospital experience dedicated to the treatment and care of patients with a co-occurring substance use and mental health disorder. (22 beds)

Pine Rest Inpatient Psychiatry Units

Addiction specific consultation is provided for patients who are receiving mental health treatment in adult psychiatry units at Pine Rest. (176 beds)

Addiction Consult & Liaison Services

Provided to patients in an acute care hospital with 200+ beds, including ICU, medical/surgical units and an active emergency department.

Pine Rest Retreat Clinic

An outpatient office setting hosting:
  • Comprehensive addiction outpatient clinic that utilizes Medication Assisted Treatment strategies including a buprenorphine clinic and naltrexone clinic.
  • Outpatient groups and individual therapy which provide an experience in team based care and counseling.
  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and Early Recovery Group (ERG) allowing for a smooth patient care transition. This program provides daily monitoring, education, and counseling.

Our partner training sites include:

  • Cherry Health – a methadone OTP program and federally qualified health center, providing methadone MAT dosing to 800-1,000 patients at any given time. The program has a sister clinic in Muskegon (MRC) serving an additional 300-500 patients. Learners become familiar with methadone MAT for OUD in OTP centers, including federal and state regulations.
  • Wedgwood – an adolescent residential substance abuse unit and intensive outpatient program are provided by a community provider.
  • Mary Free Bed – an outpatient pain clinic and rehabilitation service provides an intensive program of physical therapy, occupational therapy and counseling for patients addicted to pain medication.
  • Spectrum Health Consultation/Liaison Services – provided to patients in an acute care hospital with 1,000+ beds, including the ICU, medical/surgical units and an active emergency department.
  • Mercy Health St. Mary’s Consultation Liaison Services – provided to patients in an acute care hospital with 250+ beds, including the ICU, medical/surgical units and an active emergency department.

A stipend is provided in the following amount:

PGY5: $72,784

Benefits are as follows:

Twenty (20) PTO days are allowed each year for fellows at each level. Six (6) calendar holidays are also provided as PTO to fellows: Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day.

Pine Rest offers 20 hours of wellness time to residents in addition to PTO, to be used for personal or family wellness appointments.

Conference Time is allowed for PGY2 fellows and above, for one conference per year, up to one week or five (5) CME days.

Conference/Academic/Book Allowance is provided to fellows up to $2500 per year.

Fellows are allowed up to 5 days administrative leave for interviewing. Approval must be obtained in advance.

The Employee Assistance Program at Pine Rest offers confidential individual or family counseling, grief and substance abuse support, financial advising, and other services.

Free parking is provided on Pine Rest grounds.

Food service is available in the cafeteria and in the Resident Lounge.

Pine Rest provides a laptop and pager app (Spok mobile).

Pine Rest provides two lab coats at the beginning of the program to fellows.

Pine Rest provides Professional Liability Insurance with tail coverage.

Pine Rest provides athletic club membership discounts at the YMCA and MVP sports clubs.

See additional health, dental, vision, retirement, life insurance and other benefits here.

This is only intended to be a general overview of the current benefits programs at Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services/Michigan State University Psychiatry Residency, and it is subject to change.

Updated April 2024.