Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

diversity & wellness in all forms

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion:

Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services’ Graduate Medical Education Department strives to create a welcoming community of collaboration, innovation and belonging. We know that our programs’ success lies in the exchange of information and drawing on the vast knowledge of our faculty, trainees, and staff, benefitting not only our trainees, but our patients and organization. Pine Rest’s GME department aims to continue to embrace diversity in all its forms (nationality, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, religious background, political beliefs, ability status, socioeconomic background, etc.) to move toward improvement of mental healthcare for all – especially those historically and systemically oppressed and marginalized. Our GME department is committed to promoting and sustaining diversity, equity, and inclusion through recruitment, placement, curriculum, training, and general treatment of all faculty, staff and trainees.


Pine Rest’s GME department is committed to embracing diversity, equity and inclusion to move toward social change, with the following goals:

  • Improving trainee and faculty cultural competency to enhance patient care
  • Creating a more inclusive work environment for trainees, faculty, and staff
  • Improving skills of trainees, faculty, and staff to care for victims of injustice
  • Improving access of care to those who have been traditionally marginalized

Our Commitment to Wellness

Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services’ Graduate Medical Education Department recognizes that the wellness of faculty, trainees, and staff helps to create a safe, compassionate and inspiring environment that promotes academic excellence and optimal patient care. Pine Rest’s GME department strives to increase awareness of clinician wellness, encourage an environment of wellness, to make the healthy choice the easy choice, and to support the wellness of all faculty, trainees and staff.

To this end, Pine Rest’s GME department is actively engaged in evaluating and improving the wellness of faculty and trainees through annual assessments, semi-annual meetings with Program Directors, flexible time for individual well-being, and support for work-life harmony. The residency program elects residents as Wellness Chiefs each year who work with trainees to promote individual wellness and advocate for trainee wellness, as well as facilitate trainee wellness and social activities.


Pine Rest’s GME department is committed to faculty, trainee and staff wellness, with the following goals:

  • Supporting trainee and faculty work-life harmony
  • Facilitating feedback from faculty and trainees to enhance program delivery
  • Engaging trainees and faculty meaningfully in program development and improvement
  • Exploring evidence-based best practice interventions to improve trainee well-being