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Obtaining Patient Information

Obtaining Patient Information

Pine Rest is on the Epic electronic health record for all services.

Patient Information

Hospital Based Services

Call our Health Information Management department at 616.281.6349 for information about the care of a patient in Pine Rest’s hospital including inpatient, partial hospitalization and urgent care. Primary care physicians, therapists, and psychiatrists receive hospital courtesy calls, provided a release of information has been signed. Pine Rest staff will notify you that your patient has been admitted and let you know who to call for information.

Outpatient & Telehealth Services

For information about a patient’s outpatient care, call the clinic where services are provided. If you do not know which clinic the patient received services, call 866.852.4001.

Release of Information Forms

In compliance with both The Michigan Mental Health Code and HIPAA, we can only share information with you if the patient has signed a release of information. If you are unable to get the information that you are requesting, guide the patient through completing the release of information following the example and directions provided. Fax the completed release of information to the appropriate location with a statement about what information you are requesting.

All Printable/Downloadable Form Example 616.281.6043
All Outpatient Clinics & Telehealth* Online Form (Outpatient Only)

*All other clients must use the printable forms.