Geriatric Fellowship Overview

Geriatric Psychiatry Fellowship Overview

The fellowship is a one year ACGME accredited program providing a mix of inpatient and ambulatory training in geriatric psychiatry.

Through our program, fellows will be fully trained in techniques required in the treatment of older adult patients with psychiatric disorders. This fellowship program is fully accredited as a one-year program for residents entering in their PGY-5 year after completion of a General Psychiatry Residency Program.

The Pine Rest Geriatric Psychiatry treatment facility and its partner sites will provide clinical training in the full continuum of care including inpatient, psychiatric inpatient, drug and alcohol detox, long term care, outpatient programs, co-occurring treatment, neuropsychological testing, palliative and hospice treatment settings. Fellows will learn to work with and lead multidisciplinary teams in most of these sites. Didactic training will occur through participation in a weekly seminar series, attending Grand Rounds, and one on one therapist and MD supervision.

The successful completion of this ACGME accredited program will qualify these psychiatrists to be well prepared to sit for the subspecialty certification from ABPN (American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology) and not only function independently, but excel in practice as an geriatric psychiatrist.


Pine Rest’s Older Adult Unit provides inpatient psychiatric care for older adults. Fellows will treat patients as part of the team comprised of internal medicine physician, nurses, physical therapist, occupational therapist, activity therapist, chaplain, social workers, and patient care providers. (26 beds)

Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)

ECT rotation will take place in an active ECT service. This service provides over 4000 treatments annually, and it is expected that each fellow will have opportunity to provide roughly 300 treatments over the course of the rotation. A substantial percentage of these patients are older adults.

Long Term Care

The provision of embedded/integrated collaborative care in a long term care facility one afternoon weekly for the entire year.

Movement Disorders Clinic

Integrated care within a movement disorders clinic for one afternoon per week over the course of the year.

Consultation Liaison Rotation

The consultation liaison rotation will take place in an acute care hospital where fellows will provide consultation on busy medical and surgical units, including an inpatient general medicine unit designed specifically for older adults.

Longitudinal Care

The longitudinal care experience will include two afternoons per week in the geriatric psychiatry outpatient clinic, which will include care for patients with dementia, mood and anxiety disorders, and thought disorders.

Addiction Services

Addiction services are provided by a sub-acute detoxification unit, where older adults are treated along with other age groups.

Neuropsychology Testing

Fellows will work with psychologists in Pine Rest’s Memory Clinic to evaluate, diagnose and develop treatment plans for older adults with memory loss.

Hospice and Palliative Care

Provided at a nearby hospice residential unit, fellows will work with other specialists to provide palliative care to hospice patients.

Birch Lodge Sub-Acute Detox Residential Unit

The Birch Lodge residential unit provides detoxification services for those who need medically monitored assistance in withdrawing from addictive substances. (12 beds)

Van Andel – Cook Center — Older Adult Inpatient Unit

Housed in the Van Andel • Cook Center for Dementia & Geriatric Behavioral Health on the Pine Rest campus, our older adult inpatient unit includes a distinct close observation wing with 10 private patient rooms, allowing for separation of patients by capability. There are larger rooms for group activities and dining, as well as improved safety features. (26 beds)

ECT Clinic

The Pine Rest ECT Clinic is an outpatient facility serving both hospitalized and ambulatory patients.

A stipend is provided in the following amount:

PGY5: $64,668

Benefits are as follows:

Twenty (20) PTO days are allowed each year for fellows at each level. Six (6) calendar holidays are also provided as PTO to fellows: Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day.

Pine Rest offers 20 hours of wellness time to residents in addition to PTO, to be used for personal or family wellness appointments.

Conference Time is allowed for PGY2 fellows and above, for one conference per year, up to one week or five (5) CME days.

Conference/Academic/Book Allowance is provided to fellows up to $2500 per year.

Fellows are allowed up to 5 days administrative leave for interviewing. Approval must be obtained in advance.

The Employee Assistance Program at Pine Rest offers confidential individual or family counseling, grief and substance abuse support, financial advising, and other services.

Free parking is provided on Pine Rest grounds.

Food service is available in the cafeteria and in the Resident Lounge.

Pine Rest provides a pager and an iPad to fellows.

Pine Rest provides two lab coats at the beginning of the program to fellows.

Pine Rest provides Professional Liability Insurance with tail coverage.

Pine Rest provides athletic club membership discounts at the YMCA and MVP sports clubs.

See additional health, dental, vision, retirement, life insurance and other benefits here.

This is only intended to be a general overview of the current benefits programs at Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services/Michigan State University Psychiatry Residency, and it is subject to change.

Updated August 2020.