C&A Fellowship Overview

Child & Adolescent Psychatry Fellowship Overview

The fellowship is a two year ACGME accredited program providing a mix of inpatient and ambulatory training in child and adolescent psychiatry.

The fellowship delivers thorough and comprehensive training while allowing fellows to specialize in certain areas as they choose.

Multiple clinics and staff have expertise in areas of consult liaison, autism, addiction, forensics, neurodevelopmental disorders and child and adolescent sleep disorders among others. Along with multiple training sites, the fellowship provides interactive didactics, individual supervision and ample research opportunities.

Residents and medical students from Michigan State University College of Human Medicine will rotate with the fellows on various rotations. Fellows are provided the opportunity to teach medical students and residents on these rotations.

Didactic time is protected and occurs one afternoon a week in both years of fellowship. Individual supervision is provided daily on each rotation. Teaching and providing education to the fellows is the highest priority of the fellowship and takes precedence over service demands.

About Michigan State University College of Human Medicine

Founded in 1964, Michigan State University College of Human Medicine is a community-based medical school, providing students with comprehensive training in clinical settings that most closely parallel the environments in which most physicians practice. First and second-year students begin the program in either Grand Rapids or on the campus of MSU in East Lansing. Clinical experience is provided in six community campuses at 13 leading hospitals throughout the state. Students in the Pine Rest MSU College of Human Medicine Psychiatry Residency program can expect to be teaching College of Human Medicine students.

For more information, visit the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine Web site at humanmedicine.msu.edu.

Lounge area in the Psychiatry Residency Suite

Residency Suite

A resident conference, break and sleep rooms are provided in the residency suite.

Inpatient & Partial Hospitalization

Pine Rest’s two inpatient settings including a 36-bed child and adolescent unit and the 26 bed adolescent and young-adult unit as well as child and adolescent partial hospitalization programs at the Van Andel Center are available for these rotations. This will help to provide fellows with the context for the continuum of care between these services.

Consult Liaison, Pediatric Neurology & Sleep Medicine

Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital will be the site for these rotations. Fellows will receive excellent exposure and experience working with medically complicated children and they will also build a solid foundation in neurology.

Substance Use Disorders

The Wedgwood Christian Services Adolescent Substance Use Disorder Residential Unit is the site for this rotation. Fellows will work directly with teens focusing on treating co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders under guided supervision.

Outpatient Medication Management & Psychotherapy

The Loeks Psychiatry Residency Center is the site for the outpatient rotation. Fellows will work in these outpatient continuity clinics that commence the first year of fellowship and continue throughout their two year training period. Fellows will have direct supervision available by an attending psychiatrist in our state-of-the art clinic that uses video recording software. They will also receive weekly psychotherapy focused supervision in addition to didactic psychotherapy courses.

Neuropsychological Testing Including Developmental Disabilities

Fellows will rotate through the Pine Rest Psychological Consultation Center where they will observe and participate in evaluations on a variety of cases for both developmental disabilities including Autism Spectrum Disorder assessments and other mental health symptom concerns such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Fellows will directly observe and participate in both assessment and feedback sessions for patients and their families.

Crisis & Acute Psychiatric Management

Fellows will gain firsthand experience managing the acute patient needs of our community mental health system at Network 180. They will develop their skills in urgent psychiatric care management and also participate in the Children’s Crisis Response team who provides both phone and mobile services to patients in crisis.

Observation of Typically Developing Children

Fellows will be engaging in experiences that allow them to observe children in either school or play based environments. They will also partner with pediatricians from We Are For Children practices to observe well child visit appointments.

Scholarly Activity Time

Fellows will receive protected time dedicated to a scholarly activity project chosen by the fellow.

Ambulatory and Community

The rotations will focus on ambulatory and community settings.  As the fellow’s knowledge and confidence increases, their autonomy will as well. They will start to be provided with indirect supervision in clinic settings.

Outpatient Medication Management & Psychotherapy

Fellows will continue in their outpatient medication management and psychotherapy clinics in the second year. They will enhance their assessment, formulation and treatment skills while continuing to receive supervision in these experiences..

School & Community Consultation

Fellows will participate in school based behavioral treatment team meetings and collaborate with multidisciplinary members of the school community. Fellows participate in a consultative care rotation with local pediatric offices where they gain experience directly collaborating with pediatricians to enhance the patient care of children in our community.

Specialty Clinics

  • Fellows will participate in the Eating Disorder Program servicing inpatient and partial hospitalization levels of care at Forest View Hospital.
  • Residential treatment of patients at Wedgwood Christian Services will allow fellows to explore in-depth needs of children and teens experiencing complex mental health and behavioral concerns. Fellows will specifically treat teens with history of trauma including sexual trafficking and children with developmental disabilities as well as sexual behavior struggles in the residential programs.
  • Fellows will be able to rotate in the ECT/TMS or Neuromodulation Clinic at Pine Rest.
  • At Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, fellows will participate in the psychiatric treatment of medically complex children and adolescents as well as preschool aged children.

More specialty treatment options are available as elective experiences as well.


Fellows will receive elective rotation time during their second year. Fellows can expand their knowledge and clinical experience in a variety of ways during elective time. We are continuing to build and expand our existing elective opportunities. Recent electives our fellows have selected to participate in include: observation and participation in an adolescent healthy life skills group therapy series as well as participating in the creation of behavior plans for youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder who are engaging in applied behavior analysis treatment.

Scholarly Activity & Research

There is dedicated time given to each fellow for the purpose of developing and completing a scholarly activity or research project. There are many different research opportunities available to our trainees and we have a dedicated Research Steering Committee that meets regularly at Pine Rest. Fellows are expected to complete a project of their choosing during their time in the fellowship program. Trainees here at Pine Rest have presented their work at regional and national meetings.


We are currently developing a telepsychiatry rotation experience given the increasing interest expressed by our trainees and the need identified for these services in our state.

Forensic Experience

Our program has forensic experience opportunities provided to the fellows in their second year. We have forensic services available at Pine Rest in our Psychological Consultation Center where fellows may observe cases as they are available. We have also partnered with the county Juvenile Detention Center. We continue to work on enhancing these experiences.

A stipend is provided at each PG level in the following amount:

PGY4: $62,110
PGY5: $64,668

Benefits are as follows:

Twenty (20) PTO days are allowed each year for fellows at each level. Six (6) calendar holidays are also provided as PTO to fellows: Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day.

Pine Rest offers 20 hours of wellness time to residents in addition to PTO, to be used for personal or family wellness appointments.

Conference Time is allowed for PGY2 fellows and above, for one conference per year, up to one week or five (5) CME days.

Conference/Academic/Book Allowance is provided to fellows up to $2,500 per year.

Fellows are allowed up to 5 days administrative leave for interviewing. Approval must be obtained in advance.

Employee Assistance Program at Pine Rest offers confidential individual or family counseling, grief and substance abuse support, financial advising, and other services.

Free parking is provided on Pine Rest grounds.

Food service is available in the cafeteria and in the Resident Lounge.

Pine Rest provides a pager and an iPad to fellows.

Pine Rest provides two lab coats at the beginning of the program to fellows.

Pine Rest provides Professional Liability Insurance with tail coverage.

Pine Rest provides athletic club membership discounts at the YMCA and MVP sports clubs.

See additional health, dental, vision, retirement, life insurance and other benefits here.

This is only intended to be a general overview of the current benefits programs at Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services/Michigan State University Psychiatry Residency, and it is subject to change.

Updated August 2020.