Program History

The Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services Pre-Doctoral Psychology Internship was developed 30 years ago to reflect the integration of professional psychological intervention and the values of Christian faith. Pine Rest is one of a few nationally recognized programs that offer distinctively Christian training while also meeting criteria for accreditation with the American Psychology Association (since 1982).

Pine Rest's training program is highly sought out by prospective psychology interns across the country, with typical application to acceptance ratios of 20 to 1. Many graduates of the training program have gone on to highly productive careers within the Pine Rest family or other respected institutions throughout the country. The training program has been highly successful in preparing psychologists for a variety of Doctoral roles, and is seen as a successful microcosm of Pine Rest's philosophy and mission in practice.

Pine Rest values the opportunity to provide an atmosphere of continual learning through training—fostering community partnerships while articulating and enhancing the organizational mission. We realize that good training challenges clinical staff as well as interns, and are determined to continually evaluate what we believe and how we practice in light of scientific discoveries and faith-based integration. We invite you to become a part of the history and relationship of reciprocal learning at Pine Rest.

* indicates employment with Pine Rest upon completion of internship


 Graduate Program

 Chelsea Boska

 Baylor University

 Katrina Conli

 Rosemead / Biola University

 Julia Delekta

 University of Detroit Mercy

 Valerie Johnson

 Fuller Theological Seminary




Mikhila Humbad*

Michigan State University

Kimberley Kunze*

George Fox University

Bernice Patterson*

Western Michigan University
Nicole Wyngarden* Northern Illinois University


Tanisha Drummond

Marywood University

Evonne Edwards*

Rosemead/Biola Uiversity

Kristin Emanuael* Northwestern University
Rachel Jensen* Wheaton College
Rebecca Kltt Western Michigan University


Lesley Hetterscheidt*

Wayne State University

Sara Lynema* Wheaton College
Dan Post* Wheaton College
Elizabeth Ward* Argosy University



Keith Louwerse

George Fox University

Sera Gruszka*

Ball State University

Selina Hill*

Tennessee State University

Sarah Muench*

Wheaton College




Emily Cree

Fuller Theological Seminary

Audrey Nauta

Roosevelt University

Denise Olson

Wheaton College

Lindsey Root*

University of Miami





Karen Cleveland*

Fuller Theological Seminary

Steven Runner*

Wheaton College

Nicole Ware Spencer*

Argosy University-Illinois