The internship length is 12 months full time. Interns are expected to work 40 hours per week, which includes time allotted for weekly training activities:

  • 2 hours individual supervision
  • 2 hours Case Conference Seminar
  • 2 hours Professional Development Seminar
  • Plus other weekly training and committee meetings

The internship at Pine Rest is designed to “meet interns where they are at” with regard to professional development. Initial assessment of skills is followed by personalized goal setting, and then evaluation of those goals. Interns are expected to begin at an entry level of practice skill, then advance in competence throughout the year, with achievement of intermediate or advanced skill levels upon completion of internship. Internship programming facilitates this process of development through case conference and professional development seminars, in addition to the assignment of progressively more complex clinical cases. Interns are expected to achieve gradual movement toward the independent practice of psychology.

At orientation, initial intern skill level is assessed across a broad range of clinical and professional competencies. There are six primary competencies that will be assessed during the internship year:

  • Competence in Professional Conduct and Ethics
  • Competence in Scholarly Inquiry and Supervision
  • Competence in Diversity and Spiritual Integration
  • Competence in Psychological Assessment
  • Competence in Treatment Intervention and Outcomes
  • Competence in Consultation and Outreach

In addition to these six competencies, individual goals are also set with each intern to help them focus on individualized areas of needed professional development.