Psychology Internship Program Application Procedures

Psychology Internship Program Application Procedures

Pine Rest computer match numbers: 137011

We have been pleased with the electronic application system and again look forward to receiving applications via the standardized, electronic AAPI. Our requests for your application are noted here:

  • In your cover letter, please write a detailed description of why Pine Rest would be a good fit for your internship training. Identify some of your professional strengths and areas for growth.
  • We require 3 supporting letters: Please include supporting letters from at least 2 supervisors, each from a different training site. We prefer that one letter come from a training program faculty member (e.g. Director of Clinical Training or faculty advisor). If you simply cannot meet our request for the above-noted letters, we still welcome your application, although you may wish to include the reason(s) why such letters were not available.

Pine Rest accepts applications from doctoral psychology students in both clinical and counseling psychology, with preference to those from APA-accredited programs. To be competitive in the selection process, you should have received substantial training in psychopathology, psychotherapy, and psychological assessment. You should also be interested in how a patient’s worldview and/or spirituality may be relevant to assessment and intervention. Interns do not need to be of a certain faith, but do need to be able to approach matters of spirituality with respect, sensitivity and a desire to learn.

Pine Rest is a member of the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers (APPIC) and pledges to adhere to APPIC and the National Matching Services selection and notification procedures.

As an organization and program striving to increase diversity, we welcome applications from persons of varied backgrounds.

Interns must pass a national background check that includes a workforce background check and criminal background check. Interns must pass a pre-employment physical. A drug test must be passed no earlier than 30 days prior to the start of the internship.

Because of the number of applications received, only those who have been pre-selected are invited to schedule in-person interviews. The program notifies applicants of selection or non-selection for an interview well before the APPIC December 15 interview notification deadline. In-person interviews are preferred and occur in December and January. In-person interviews days include individual interviews with the Training Director and the Assistant Training Director at the Psychological Consultation Center on Pine Rest’s Main Campus, followed by a group lunch with other applicants and current interns. After lunch there is a group interview at the main campus with select supervisors and training committee staff. Interviews conclude with a group tour of the Pine Rest Main Campus, including residential and inpatient rotation sites and the Campus Clinic. The tour is given by current interns and provides a further opportunity to ask questions of the current interns.

Skype or other internet-based interviews are also available.  These interviews will occur with the Training Director and one other internship faculty member.  Those who select a Skype interview will also have the opportunity to contact current interns in order to ask questions regarding the internship.

After the interviews are completed and before the February notification date, the training committee ranks candidates. Because of Michigan’s licensure laws, only interns who have a formal master’s degree in clinical or counseling psychology or social work can be licensed. Licensure is necessary for interns to receive third party reimbursement for outpatient services. Intern candidates should ensure that they are eligible for Michigan Temporary Limited License Psychologist (TLLP) certification. The state requirements are found in detail in the link below. The core of the requirements is that the applicant has completed a Masters Degree in Clinical or Counseling Psychology and that the applicant has completed a practicum experience – supervised by a licensed psychologist – with a minimum of 500 hours. Interns are reimbursed for the cost of obtaining the license.

Interns are reimbursed for expenses related to licensing in Michigan.