Intern Opportunities

Predoctoral Psychology Internship

The Predoctoral Psychology Internship at Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services offers the highest quality training to prepare interns for the professional practice of psychology. The training program is based on the Practitioner-Scholar Model, with an emphasis on preparation for independent clinical practice. We provide excellent clinical training in psychological assessment, intervention, and consultation in a variety of settings (i.e. outpatient, inpatient, medical, and urban outreach). This training will equip graduates with the competencies needed to obtain employment in a variety of applied clinical settings. Through individual and group supervision, optimal levels of patient contact, and didactic seminars, interns are provided with a broad-based training experience.

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Clinical Pastoral Education

Pine Rest has been an accredited location for Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) training since 1970. CPE is a professional, experienced based education program, which allows each participant to develop their own pastoral leadership and ministry skills. The program is open to pastors, chaplains, seminary students and lay persons.

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