Pearls for Primary Care

Pearls for Primary Care

A Mental Health Education Series for Primary Care Teams

The Pearls for Primary Care lecture series aims to equip primary care providers with practical tools, knowledge and skills to identify and treat patients who are in need of mental health care. All members of the primary care team and other community partners are invited to attend upcoming lectures.

Lectures take place from 7-8 a.m. at the Postma Center on Pine Rest’s main campus.  Breakfast, CME’s and CEU’s are provided.

Upcoming Presentations

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Past Presentations

Recordings of past Pearls for Primary Care lectures are available. To request access to one or more videos, please contact the referral relations team at  Below are topics that were covered.

2016-2017 Lectures
  • ADHD:  Tips for PCPs | Julie Smithee, PhD
  • Tricky Symptoms: Mental Health Conditions in Disguise | Ryan Doyle, DO
  • Substance Use Disorders:  Identification and Treatment | Bruce Springer, MD and John Budnick, PA-C
  • Patient Experience Panel | Lia Gaggino, MD and Patient Panel
  • Teasing Out Dementia, Depression & Delirium | Swapnil Rath, MD

2015-2016 Lectures
  • What Psychiatrists Wish Primary Care Providers Knew | William Sanders, DO
  • Psychiatric Medication Management | Louis Nykamp, MD
  • Integrated Mental Health and Primary Care Models : A Panel Discussion | Scott Halstead, PhD, Moderator; Phil Baty, MD; Carey Krause, DO; Susan Wakefield, MD; and Kim Meeuwsen, MA, BBA
  • Pediatric Anxiety and Depression | Lia Gaggino, MD and Kelly Blankenship, DO
  • Pregnant and Postpartum Mental Health: Identification and Treatment in the Pediatric, Obstetric, and Family Practice Settings | Madhavi Latha Nagalla, MD
  • Suicide Assessment in the Primary Care Office | Valerie Mathis-Allen, MD