Priscila Dieguez-Moya, MA, LPC

I grew up in a Christian Family and went to Church since I was a baby, but it was not until I became a teenager that I decided to let God be the center of my life.

There were times and there are times when I have struggles in my life. Knowing that God is in control of my life and believing that he knows what it is best for me has helped me navigate through these hard seasons in my life.

I have used counselors and leaders to guide me during my difficult times. These experiences were part of the reason I decided to become a counselor, so that I could also help others navigate life with Christ’s help.

My current focus of spiritual growth is learning to practice Solitude and Silence as a way to become closer to God and let him work on the deepest areas of myself, areas that only He can reach.

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Priscila can be reached at the Portage Clinic of Pine Rest by calling (866) 852-4001.