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Artist Information

Artist Information

Bruce and Mary Leep Art Gallery

Artist Information

The Leep Art Gallery features a variety of two dimensional mediums and styles that reflect the mission of Pine Rest, promote spiritual healing and well-being, and are appropriate for all ages. We encourage all levels of artists to submit their work for consideration.

  • Can be a single artist or group of artists.
  • Exhibits are three months long.
  • The gallery accommodates 20 panels and identified areas can hang pieces nearly 4’ x 6’ in size.  Multiple, smaller pieces can be accommodated while changing the landscape of the Gallery.
  • All artwork must be framed and must have a wire for hanging. No saw tooth hangers or hooks.
To submit your artwork for consideration, please provide the following:
  1. Artist application 2024-2025
  2. A link to your artwork online. If your artwork is not online, please provide pictures. 

Please return to:
Juli Haga

Pine Rest Postma Center

For more information, please contact the Postma Center staff at or call 616.222.4566.