Pine Rest Hires Ron Scott, MA, SPHR, As An Employee Assistance Program Consultant

Pine Rest Hires Ron Scott, MA, SPHR, As An Employee Assistance Program Consultant

Scott’s primary responsibilities are in the areas of business development, account management, consultation regarding difficult human resource situations, and training. He has a passion for providing access to mental health assistance through employee assistance programs. His addition will add a human resource-specific level of expertise that will differentiate the Pine Rest EAP significantly.

Scott’s professional experience and expertise provide a unique viewpoint on employment situations by combining the perspectives of a human resource manager, consultant, and EAP director. Understanding the full value an EAP can add to an organization, he will apply a nuanced approach to organizations’ human resource policies and practices to enhance a culture of health and wellbeing for employees and their families.

He is well-known and highly regarded throughout West Michigan. Scott formerly served as human director for Zondervan, director of Employee Assistance Center, and most recently as director of member engagement for The Employers’ Association.

In addition to EAP consulting, Scott directs and facilitates the educational briefing programs in stress management, communication, and performance management. He also provides one-on-one coaching for frontline supervisors.

Pine Rest offers robust employee, church and school assistance programs and owns specialized expertise in crisis response. Pine Rest leverages behavioral health expertise and resources to support the organizational, human resource, and membership objectives of businesses, churches and schools. PAX Crisis Response, a Pine Rest subsidiary, provides critical incident training, consultation, and response services to faith-based organizations and other non-profits.

Pine Rest EAP services are provided throughout West Michigan and several organizations in Iowa with 250 businesses, churches and schools.

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