Pine Rest Christian Homes

Program Overview

Pine Rest Christian Homes offers residential services in home settings for adults with developmental disabilities. We have a continuum of living situations with varying degrees of support.

An activity-centered Day Program is also available as an alternative to work placement.

Pine Rest Christian Homes strives to provide the highest quality of care, utilizing person-centered planning and a compassionate care model.

Person-Centered Planning involves year-round planning and teaching to allow individuals to have as much control in their lives as possible.

The Compassionate Care Model prioritizes principles such as:

  • Recognizing and valuing people as unique individuals
  • Developing relationships among residents and staff
  • Providing psychological as well as physical safety
  • Using proactive teaching approaches
  • Creating environments that are interactive rather than isolative
  • Understanding the role of developmental, psychiatric and cultural factors on behaviors


Program Highlights

A variety of levels of care including:

  • Adult foster care homes
  • Supported independent living apartments
  • On-site day activity center as an alternative to work placement


Highly trained, compassionate professionals and direct-care staff who:

  • Work with residents on building daily living skills, social skills and other skills
  • Assist residents with integrating into the local community as appropriate
  • Provide personalized care based on the individual’s needs and desires


Our homes are designed for individuals with higher needs due to mental health disorders, behavioral difficulties, aging and medical issues, or significant limitations with regard to activities of daily living.

On-site medical, psychiatric and psychological treatment is available for residents, as well as 24-hour access to nursing support, which enables all areas of care to be coordinated.

We offer a Christian environment that provides support for the individual’s spiritual beliefs and faith through a variety of on-site services and opportunities.

Located on Pine Rest’s beautiful 220-acre, wooded main campus in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the homes and apartments allow for easy access to community resources such as stores, churches and restaurants.

For more information, please call 616-281-0061.