Pine Rest Chosen As One Of Six Site Visits In AHA Health Research & Educational Trust Initiative

Pine Rest Chosen As One Of Six Site Visits In AHA Health Research & Educational Trust Initiative

Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services was invited to work with the American Hospital Association Health Research & Educational Trust (HRET) along with other psychiatric hospitals to further the Partnerships for Patients’ goals for reducing harm in psychiatric hospitals. A site visit at Pine Rest will be conducted Wednesday.

“This is an invited gathering of the national leaders in behavioral health,” says President & CEO Mark Eastburg, Ph.D. “Pine Rest’s Hospital Based Services Director of Operations Heather Treib is representing us in this project. We are committed to providing the highest level of support for this project and work with HRET and all of their partners in order to make the Hospital Improvement Innovation Network (HIIN) initiative successful.”

Four staff from the AHA will spend the day at Pine Rest on Wednesday, April 25. It is the first site visit to be made. The lead from AHA is Jordan A. Steiger, MPH, Program Manager, Health Research & Educational Trust. The other site visits locations are: New York State Psychiatric Institute, N.Y.; North Dakota State Hospital, N.D.; Rogers Memorial Hospital, Wis.; and Sheppard Pratt Health System, Md.

The questions the HRET representatives will seek to answer are: What are high performing psychiatric hospitals doing well that allow them to provide high quality, safe care to their patients? How can we spread those practices to other hospitals?

“What our group did in Chicago in March is create the Appreciative Inquiry process to facilitate our site visits. Through these appreciative interviews, from CEOs to housekeepers, we will find out what makes each of these places great,” says Treib. “The intention is to research culture, processes, facilities, and staffing, etc., in order to put a package together that illustrates the components of a high performing site. Other psychiatric facilities in the country could use this body of work to glean best practices and see what would fit for their organization.”

The timeline for this project is ambitious. The six 1-day site visits will occur between April and June. Virtual meetings after site visits will occur to discuss hospital learnings with a technical expert panel and other hospitals that have completed their site visit during a particular month. This HRET group will create a change package showcasing hospital best practices.

A representatives were chosen from each of these 11 organizations: Four Winds Hospital-Saratoga, N.Y.; Alexian Brothers Behavioral Health, Ill.; National Association for Behavioral Healthcare, Washington, D.C.; Yale New Haven Psychiatric Hospital, Conn.; Northwell Health, N.Y.; Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care, N.J.; Acadia Healthcare, Inc., Tenn.; Sheppard Pratt Health System, Md.; Carrier Clinic, N.J.; VA National Center for Patient Safety, Washington, D.C.; and Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services. This team will participate in the virtual meetings to give their insights and advice. These representatives will have assignments as well.

The project will be completed by August. The hospital representatives from around the country, working with AHA, will have created a change package to be disseminated to the field on best practices. The package will need to be approved first as they present their findings to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in Baltimore, Md., in August.


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