Patient Information

Hospital Based Services

Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services has 36 licensed Child & Adolescent beds and 20 licensed beds for the Older Adult population. In 1997 we partnered with Saint Mary's Health Care, and now Pine Rest has 94 licensed Saint Mary's beds on the Pine Rest campus along with 20 licensed beds at Saint Mary's Health Care Psychiatric Medical Unit. In addition to inpatient services, we provide a Partial Hospitalization Service for children, adolescents, and adults.

What to Bring

For information on what you can and cannot bring during your stay with us, please click here.


The Michigan Department of Public Health developed a Mental Health Code that protects patients’ privacy. Our confidentiality policy complies with the state law. Please respect the privacy of other patients on the unit when you visit. If you recognize someone, let them greet you. If they do not greet you, please respect their wish to keep this stay confidential. Please do not discuss any patient you see at Pine Rest with anyone else. 

Pine Rest is an institution that provides clinical teaching opportunities to medical and RN students along with various professionals. You may be approached by a student and you have the right to refuse to talk to them. Students are trained and adhere to the same level of confidentiality that is expected of hospital employees.

Patient Rights

The hospital adheres to the Michigan Department of Mental Health Code. Upon admission each patient is given a "Patient's Rights Booklet." We encourage you to read it and ask any questions you may have. There is a Recipient's Rights Advisor available for you to talk to, should you have any concerns you would like addressed. You may access the Recipient's Rights Advisor either through your staff on the unit, by filling out a confidential complaint form located on each unit, by calling (616) 455-5000 ext. 2777.

Pastoral Care

We recognize the importance of your individual spiritual and religious beliefs and we will provide an environment that is supportive and accepting. Community clergy are welcome to visit you at any time. Hospital Chaplain's are available on each unit for personal care in addition to devotions, Sunday worship, and education classes.

Translation / Interpretation Services

If you or your family member needs interpretation services, please let your nurse know and arrangements will be made to accommodate your treatment needs. Services will be scheduled according to your needs and are provided at no cost to you or your family.

Advance Directives

We want to be certain we are providing your care in a manner that is personalized and supports your wishes. Your patient rights booklet explains that you have the right to accept or refuse medical treatment. We include you in your treatment planning and need to know if you have any Behavioral Advance Directives, a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care, a Durable Power of Attorney Finance (DPOA), or a Living Will.

A Behavioral Advance Directive is written instructions for future mental health care in the event the patient is unable to make and participate in mental health care decisions. Patients requesting additional information about BHAD will be referred to their legal counsel.

A DPOA for Health Care is someone you have entrusted to make medical decisions if you are unable to communicate your wishes to your doctor or treatment team. This form is accepted as a legal document in the state of Michigan.

A Living Will is a document that directs, in writing, the kinds of medical treatment you would or would not want in the event you are permanently unconscious or terminally ill and can no longer speak for yourself. Living Wills are used to make medical decisions only. Usually if you have a Living Will, you will have appointed a DPOA for Health Care who is aware of your wishes and can speak on your behalf.

At the time of admission a nurse will ask if you have any Advance Directives already in place. If you do, we need to have a copy in your chart to incorporate in your treatment planning. If you do not have any Advance Directives and would like information on them, we will provide you with that information.

For Your Convenience For Families

The Ronald McDonald House as well as a host of hotels offer reduced rates on stays should this be needed. Please see a Case