Patient and Family Advisory Committee

It takes many voices, experiences and perspectives to reimagine health—and make it better for everyone. The Patient and Family Advisory Committee unites Pine Rest patients, families, health care professionals, and leaders to build a better model of care.

What does the Patient and Family Advisory Committee do?

Create and support a patient and family centered environment which promotes healing and the best possible clinical outcomes for patients and family members.

  • Promote patient- and family-centered care principles.
  • Enhance communication between patients, family members and care teams.
  • Identify and address patient and family members’ needs throughout the care process.
  • Work in an advisory role to enhance patient-family centered initiatives at Pine Rest.
  • Identify and establish priorities related to policy, programs and practices that support patients and families.
  • Support staff and leadership in their patient-family centered activities and initiatives.
  • Collaborate with the Pine Rest staff to facilitate patient and family access to information.
  • Improve patient and family satisfaction.
  • Evaluate the role of the council in improving outcomes for patients and families. 

A current project:

  • Pine Rest is transitioning the patient satisfaction survey for outpatient services to Press Ganey. During a recent session, members provided feedback about what an ideal survey should encompass.  

Why join a Patient and Family Partner Program?

Being a member of the Pine Rest Patient and Family Advisory Committee allows you to:

  • Give back to your community.
  • Improve the patient experience at Pine Rest.
  • Meet others with a passion for advancing behavioral health care.
  • Represent the voices of others in your community.

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Patient Experience Workgroup

This group consists of healthcare professionals, administrators and staff members who are dedicated to improving the overall patient experience within the organization. They focus on initiatives such as streamlining processes, enhancing communication and implementing patient-centered care approaches.