Patient Assistance Fund

What is the Patient Assistance Fund?
The Patient Assistance Fund (PAF) helps individuals, children, and families in our community who come to Pine Rest for care but have limited resources to pay for treatment. The fund is comprised of annually accumulated gifts from individuals, churches, and businesses who want to help those in need of Christian mental health care get the services they need.

The gifts help reduce the financial obligation many patients face because all PAF gifts are applied directly to patient accounts.

Anyone who is concerned about the cost of a patient’s care may ask Pine Rest’s account manager or the outpatient clinic manager to apply for consideration for financial help. Pine Rest looks at each request in terms of the patient’s insurance coverage, financial resources and other criteria.

Whom does the Patient Assistance Fund (PAF) benefit?
A wide variety of people receive help through the fund each year. The number of people helped depends on the generosity of our donors. Each outpatient clinic has its own PAF so locally donated funds benefit individuals, children, and families in that community. Most individuals receiving help are served by our outpatient services. Others benefiting from the fund are residents in the on-campus residential program and inpatient program.

What would happen if that money were not available?
For some, PAF can make a significant difference in their ability to get the expert, Christian care they need. With so many families underinsured, few families can afford paying the full cost of mental health treatment.

How can you help?
You can do one or more of the following:

  • Make a personal gift to the Patient Assistance Fund.
  • Share information about PAF. Ask your employer about matching gift opportunities and corporate giving guidelines.
  • Ask for and promote your church’s participation and support of PAF.
  • Consider a planned gift for PAF.


Mrs. X was in a physically and verbally abusive marriage. She began seeing an outpatient counselor at Pine Rest. However, when the checks from the insurance company would come to the house to pay for the therapy sessions, her husband would steal them and cash them. Through the support and counseling she received at Pine Rest, she became strong enough to file for divorce, but she still had no money of her own to pay the outpatient bills. She was able to continue seeing her Pine Rest therapist only because PAF was available to assist her in paying her bills. Since her divorce, she has made a tremendous amount of progress and is now living independently with her three children.

Four years ago, Ms. J began suffering from a serious and debilitating mental illness, resulting in several stays at Pine Rest over a short period of time. Her insurance coverage for mental health services was maximized and she had no way of covering the outstanding inpatient costs or participating in ongoing outpatient mental health services. If not for PAF assisting her with her outstanding bills, she would not have been able to continue with the treatment she desperately needed. Since getting the care she needed, Ms. J has been able to manage in her home and community without any psychotic episodes or crises. We are thankful to God PAF was available for her!

Ms. S came to Pine Rest seeking services. She was suffering from depression and was despondent and suicidal. In addition to her depression, she was also battling cancer. With numerous medical bills, her insurance and savings were soon depleted. Thanks to our donors' generosity, we were able to utilize PAF dollars to support Ms. S's care at Pine Rest.

*Names and identifying information have been changed to protect the confidentiality of those we serve.

Expressions of gratitude from those we serve
These notes were received from families of patients, some of whom received PAF.

“In gratitude to God for what you did for our granddaughter.”

“I’ll always be grateful for the loving care you gave my sister many years ago.”

“Dear Pine Rest:
I want to thank you for your part in getting assistance in helping pay the bills for my daughter's stay at Pine Rest. This past year and a half have been difficult and your assistance helped [us] through a difficult time of transition. My daughter is doing much better and I appreciate the care she received and the goodness of those who assisted us with some of the bills. God bless you…”