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Transition Clinic

Transition Clinic

Providing resources shown to help patients sustain and even make gains in their recovery during the time between discharge until their first outpatient appointment.

The Transition Clinic program provides adults (age 18 years and up) rapid access to behavioral health services for up to 90 days after discharge from a higher level of care (psychiatric inpatient, partial hospitalization or urgent care). This window of time is important in an individual’s recovery … they have questions, can work on new skills, may need medication adjustments, and could require help accessing supportive resources.

The Transition Clinic currently provides services via Telehealth to patients residing in the State of Michigan.

Contact Information

Phone: 616.222.6001
Fax: 616.827.4727

For after-hours emergencies, please call the Pine Rest Contact Center at 616.455.9200 or 800.678.5500.


Because of high demand for outpatient services, many individuals wait up to 90 days for their first outpatient provider appointment after discharge. Our program fills this gap in service, so individuals do not experience any lapse in treatment or support.

Transitional care provides coordination and continuity of care between various providers, services, and settings, as well as equipping you for the next stage of recovery.

In addition, transitional care significantly lowers the chance that you’ll lose ground in your recovery because we surround you with comprehensive services aimed at improving your experience, treatment and support.


Evaluation & Team Introduction

Within seven days of discharge from a higher level of care, we will schedule a unique 90-minute shared appointment that allows for rapid development of your individual care plan. At the appointment patients will:

  • Receive a comprehensive assessment.
  • Meet their Transition team.
    • An advanced practice provider
    • A therapist
    • A case manager

After this initial appointment, additional services will be provided as needed.

Medication Management

The advanced practice provider will provide timely assistance with medication refills as well as medication adjustments


Patients receive short-term therapy focused on skill building, skill utilization, and crisis stabilization.

Case Management

The patient’s case manager will assess supportive needs and help connect the patient to the resources required for a successful recovery including financial assistance, housing, transportation, technology and employment.