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Overcoming Anxiety and Depression Therapy Group (ONLINE)

Overcoming Anxiety

And Depression Therapy Group

This group is currently meeting online only for the safety of our staff and participants. Please call the Kalamazoo Clinic at 269.343.6700 to find out how you can join.

Our group is designed to meet the needs of individuals who struggle with depression, anxiety, or mood regulation problems.

Do you want an opportunity to learn more about depression and anxiety, as well as discover ways to cope better with them? The Pine Rest Kalamazoo Clinic offers supportive group therapy for adults who wish to process and overcome some of the challenges that come with living with depression and anxiety.

The purpose of the group is to help diminish feelings of depression and anxiety, shorten duration of depressive and anxious episodes, teach strategies of coping, and help group members feel more in control of their lives.

This group may be appropriate for you if you:

  • Are looking for information about daily skills to manage anxiety and depression.
  • Would like to connect with others who have similar struggles.
  • Have been struggling with mental health concerns to the point where you and your therapist have discussed additional supports outside of individual therapy.

You can expect to learn how to:

  • Increase positive activities in your daily life
  • Address negative thought patterns
  • Have healthy communication and boundaries with others
  • Better manage stressors in your life
  • Maintain a healthier lifestyle and routine
  • Improve diet/nutrition and sleep habits
  • Manage feelings of loss, grief, guilt, and shame

This group meets weekly at the Kalamazoo Clinic, and new group members can join at any time.

The benefits of learning from a group is that not only do you have access to a trained mental health therapist, but also to peers that have been through similar experiences. Having social supports can offer insight and support that is difficult to get any other way.

Printer-friendly Overcoming Anxiety and Depression Group flyer


Sessions are facilitated by Randall Estes, LMSW, CAADC, CCS


Talk to your Pine Rest therapist or psychiatrist to enroll.


$60 per session. Most insurance accepted. Ask if you qualify for financial assistance.

For more information, please call the Pine Rest Kalamazoo Clinic at 269.343.6700.

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