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Pine Rest offers a complimentary email newsletter for medical  and mental health professionals as well as other community partners discussing trends and advances in psychiatry and psychology at Pine Rest, mental health screenings, professional education opportunities, resources for clients, Pine Rest news and more.

Past Issues

July 2019

  • TMS Therapy for Depression
  • Expanded Substance Use Treatment at Kalamazoo Clinic
  • Geriatric Psychiatry Fellow Chooses Pine Rest as Her Home
  • Wayfinding Changes at Pine Rest Campus


June 2019

  • Adolescent Day Program: Summer is a great time for teens to brush up on mental health skills!
  • Behavioral Health Onsite Training for Staff
  • Screening Database Informs Treatment Improvements

May 2019

  • Mental health resources for clients
  • Older adults & anxiety
  • What moms want you to know about perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMAD)

April 2019

  • Psychiatric Urgent Care Center update

April 2019

  • When to refer to psychiatric urgent care
  • Stress awareness resources for clients
  • Reducing readmissions to inpatient services

March 2019

  • Psychiatric Urgent Care Center announcement

March 2019

  • Overcoming barriers to treatment with teletherapy
  • Sleep awareness resources for clients
  • Learning new coping tools during an inpatient stay
  • Pine Rest is chosen as one of five organizations to participate in National Institute on Aging study

February 2019

  • First does Vivitrol option available at Pine Rest Detox
  • How therapy helps with addiction treatment
  • Identifying & referring for substance use disorders

November 2018

  • Psychiatric Urgent Care Center to open in spring
  • Identifying clients with anxiety
  • Teletherapy for patients with agoraphobia
  • Normal teen moodiness or a warning sign

September 2018

  • New Edinburgh screening recommendations for 15+
  • Mother & Baby Program update

August 2018

  • Adolescent partial hospitalization program
  • Pine Rest partners with Epic

March 2018

  • Assessing young children for autism spectrum disorder
  • Understanding the borderline personality disorder link to stress and increased illness

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